East Siberian Center for the Earth's Ionosphere Research (SDC ESCEIR)

Institute of Solar-Terrestial Physics SB RAS
Upper Atmosphere Physics and Radiowave Propagation Department

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The SDC ESCEIR has been set up to support the research on the ionosphere and radiowave propagation carried out under RFBR grants. The Center provides access to experimental data from the unique ISTP SB RAS instruments.
The Center is organized by the Upper Atmosphere Physics and Radiowave Propagation Department of the Institute of Solar-Terrestial physics SB RAS.
Center's Research Manager: Academician G.A.Zherebtsov.
SDC Supervisory Council : Prof. N.A.Armand, Prof. A.G.Kolesnik, and Prof. E.A.Ponomarev.

Financing is handled by RFBR.
RBFR grant 00-05-72026.

The Center can perform work of its own research character for organisations of any kind on a contractual basis or on the basis of mutual scientific interests.

Ionogramms samples
by chirp ionosonde and
Incoherent Scatter Radar ISTP SB RAS.

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