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Capabilities and samples

Chirp ionosonde ionogram samples
for various ionosphere sounding

Irkutsk IS radar experimental data samples:

IS Radar capabilities

The Irkutsk IS radar has the opportinuty to measure several ionospheric plasma parameters such as electron density Ne, electron and ion temperatures Te, Ti, and drift plasma velocity along the sounding direction. The observations are carried out in accord with the international geophysical calendar on which days of coordinated IS radar observations are marked by the symbol "+".

Measured data are represented in text files form with experiment characteristics and measured values of parameters, or in the CEDAR database standard format which can be found on Millstone Hill observatory site.

Electron density measurements are usually carried out in the height interval 160-800 km. The low radar measurement limit is constrained due to earth surface reflections.

Due to the same reason, the low height for Te and Ti is restricted to 240 km (the difference here due to the long sounding impulse).

To the 1999-2001 data we have added the E-layer ionosphere model to electron concentration profile, which has been constructed by integral concentration from the ionosphere beginning from 160 km obtained from experiment.

After the radar registration system modernization in 2001 year, we are planning to develop a primary processing algorithm which would give us an opportunity to exclude local reflection effects from the IS signal and thus to carry out measurements in the ionospheric E-layer.

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