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Ionospheric parameters variations for perturbed conditions

Investigations of the ionospheric response to strong magnetics storms which are usual for our latitudes, are of great interest. Thus, besides the international geophysical calendar plan experiments, we sometimes carry out additional experiments with the purpose to register the ionospheric response to observed solar flashes and particles outbursts. We have an opportunity to carry out such experiments because there is some delay between satellite flashes registration and ionospheric effects (about 24 hours) and so it is time for preparing the experiment.

In the figure, we present ionospheric parameter dynamics during three perturbed days in July 2000. These perturbations were caused by the 12-13 July series of X-ray flashes and 14 July proton flash (19 h on the figure), which gave rise to a strong magnetic storm with main phase was at night between 15 and 16 July.

Ionospheric parameters

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